Drivers Android phone or tablet

Hexamob 11/3/2013

What is a DRIVER

A driver is a software component that allows your PC to interact with a mobile device. Every operating system needs a program o application to let the computer detect, manage and get communication with devices connected to it.

Drivers provide to the computer the necessary information to manage the mobile device with an interface from which to control certain functions of the phone or tablet from a computer.

Android devices are not an exception and they need some software to be detected correctly by computers.

Here we're going to help you about all that you need to install, download and manage Android USB drivers for your mobile phone or tablet.

We hope you can find here all the information that you need. If not you can ask us in the Hexamob Android Drivers Forum from Hexamob Official Site. Take a tour there to ask any question about your Android USB Drivers.

Types of drivers

There are drivers for all devices that connect to a PC. Here we are interested in drivers that allow us to connect our Android devices to a PC using a USB cable.

There are many types of drivers. Although they usually come in complete packages, some devices have several different drivers, each one offering the possibility of controlling something specific.

For example most smartphones when they connect to a computer they install drivers to control mass storage on the SD card. This type of drivers can not be used to root or for other functions such as synchronization.

How can I find drivers for my device?

If you click on the blue button you will see a list leof drivers updated for each brand as well as compatible generic drivers and links to official downloading websites.

Do I have to update drivers?

Since drivers are essential for communicating between devices, an error in a driver can make the system unresponsive. Therefore driver programmers constantly correct, update and improve these type of files.

Due to all this, if you find that there is a new version of the drivers for your smartphone or tablet, you should update it since there is no reason not to.

Drivers Android phone or tablet