Do not lose your warranty by rooting your phone in Europe.

Hexamob 11/12/2012


One of the most common questions when one is encouraged to modify their terminal somehow, either by obtaining permits superuser (root) or changing the ROM that comes standard is whether we will lose the warranty. A reasonable doubt to some extent and under which many manufacturers take refuge with any part in manuals or documentation warning about it. But far from being right, the Free Software Foundation in Europe and flasehar ensures that rooting your phone does not make you lose your warranty. And is that ignorance of this issue is causing today still has many problems with manufacturers and guarantees. FSFE has to work his legal team to shed some light on this issue and boy does it already. Specifically it has been determined that there are lost 2 years of warranty covering the European Community or rooting flasehar a terminal. Should be differentiated software modification that involves a rooteo flashing or hardware that the manufacturer provides, and is in the hardware where the warranty is to remain. Directive 1999/44/EC determines that any equipment sold within the European Community (and this includes computers and mobile devices) must have a 2 year warranty. A cell comprising many parts (screen, radio, battery) and if any of them fail in these two years, the manufacturer must fix it or change it. view more… ยป