Hexamob 12/22/2017



Your perfect product in 2 clicks. Indicate the price and we will show you the best products and the best shops to buy them in an easy way.


Web that offers help and information about how to update your Android phone or tablet with updates, OTA, FOTA or ROMS.


Web dedicated to the sale of t-shirts and other products related to the sea, fishing, and more...


The web medicinaydieta.es was born with the objective of offering a service to people who wish to lose weight in a controlled way, providing a strictly medical and professional point of view, since excess weight, regardless of aesthetic issues, can reach To be a problem of health and quality of life. We are also specialists in issues related to cardiovascular risk (in which overweight and lifestyles are a key factor), and for specific cases, surgical techniques such as bariatric surgery or metabolic surgery.


miambiente.es is a website created to help you make the changes you want to make in your home, in the office, or wherever you want, and for that we put ourselves at your disposal. Our online store is and will be in continuous development to offer each time a broader product catalog to our customers and become your online furniture and decoration store, as well as your provider of all types of services for your home and office.


rankgea APP

The best online shopping assistant and price comparison of cell phones, tablets and smart watches by specs and prices. Compare products with Rankgea, you can find the best prices, discounts, availability and the most complete specs of every model on the market.

ROOT all devices

Root android without PC for all devices. EASY, SECURE AND FAST!!! Android Root methods for all smartphones and tablets, also it include superuser checker tool.

Hexamob Recovery

Undelete or recover deleted files if you dont have a recycle bin in your android phone or tablet. Retrieve images , pictures , photos , videos , mp3 , pdf , ... many common types are supported. You must be ROOT or SUPERUSER in your Android phone.

Update Phones

Select your brand and give you links to the update android version. It has automatic search for your mobile and almost all the existing operators. With this app you can update your phone with the official support of the manufacturer or operator.

USB Drivers for Android

You can find the Android usb driver for your PC from more than 800 mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, or Sony, etc ...Android usb driver supported for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. It includes Universal ADB Driver for Windows, Linux and Mac Os. Compilation of many manufacturers with devices that are using the Android Operating System.

Last Minute Tech News

Breaking news from the world's leading technology industry news resource and Android Tutorials. The most important technology news, developments and trends. Our editors and reporters provide top technology news. Latest updates and reviews from the technology industry.


Space Line

Enjoy this free game with a new way to play, no buttons or knobs.

How to play to this game:
Draw a line o some lines to guide the robot.
Pick up power batteries and gears.
Destroy obstacles drawing a line or dots.
Destroy ducks, rocks and missiles using weapons.
Avoid touching space ducks or any bomb.
Use powerful game modifiers.
Bring the robot to the target platform.

Epic Puzzle Online

Epic Puzzle Battle is a game in which you make your own puzzles using photos taken with the camera or by accesing the gallery. You can send them to a friend and challenge him.

Create your own puzzle with photos taken with the camera.
Send the challenge to your list of friends.
Scoring by time.
Ranking of friends who won more duels.
Create puzzles with photos from the gallery and of different categories.

Gravity Lapse

Gravity Lapse is a fun skill game that will test your spatial perception and speed your mind.

Complete the 4 worlds with more 40 levels with different difficulties, obstacles and games and have fun with Gravity Lapse.

Get diamonds in each game to unlock new levels and buy skins or modifiers.

Use bonus levels once a day to win many more diamonds and advance the game.

Study the effects of each type of ball and use them to play games with all possible stars and get even more diamonds.